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Randy Wolgemuth

Randy Wolgemuth is a serial entrepreneur. He has started and run more than 10 companies. He’s always looking for new business ideas and novel opportunities. The part he’s most successful at is taking a business from an idea to an established company and has great skill in hiring the right people. He is truly an expert and has a way to help people find out what the personalized key struggles they face are and then find creative, and non-traditional solutions for them.

Randy enjoys helping people who want help. There is an excitement to see others want to learn and grow, and his personal highlight is seeing others succeed. Of course, as an entrepreneur himself, he always is looking to make money and help others do the same. His philosophy is that if making money is not an objective, then it’s really just a hobby! Assisting others to move from hobby to business is one of his specialties.

When asked how he adds the most value as a business advisor Randy says:

Two areas grab my passion.
1. Helping a business grow (customer acquisition, to distribution network, hiring, utilizing non-traditional methods)
2. Identifying talent.

I add value to anyone who is launching a new product, or who has a need for people in their organization. I bring valuable insight on how to acquire the right people. Start-up companies would find great value in what I offer as I help these businesses discover strategies and plan action steps.

Existing businesses that are getting stagnant, but who’s leaders want to take it to the next level would find much value in our sessions. It’s important to remember that keeping a business and it’s leaders sharp and fresh is important.

Also, another very important part of business is knowing when to sell the business, or get out, and the process of doing that well in all regards. I have plenty of experience with this and am available to share what I’ve learned.”

Randy has been in business long before the internet existed and understands not only how much it has been changing the way things have been done, but that it will continue to change the way we do business at a faster rate than we ever dreamed it could. It changes how we communicate with clients, vendors, and staff. It changes how we make decisions, market, and even fund our companies. Randy is an early adopter of technology and not at all shy about experimenting with new ways of doing things. He says, “I believe one of the main issues we’ll face going forward is how to combine and leverage the impersonal, hands-off, online methods, with the human need for personal interaction.”

Randy was the first person to come up with the idea to charge farmers for checking their fields. It was something that had never been done before. It opened up a whole new field and area of consulting that hadn’t existed, but now it’s a big business.

When asked what his best business decision has ever been, Randy says,

I think the most impactful decision I’ve made for myself was the very deliberate decision to keep learning and growing. I have always gravitated toward growth and personal improvement. And now I made the commitment to join the John Maxwell Team because it forces me to keep changing, growing and not growing stagnant. It keeps me learning and becoming a better version of me.

I have come to learn that people are generally appreciative of the opportunity to learn, and when they let me know, the impact on me personally is significant.”

On the Personal Side

Randy is just as comfortable in a high-stakes business meeting as he is riding the open road on his Harley. Having grown up in a family in which faith and hard work were part of everyday life, Randy’s business ethics and life practices continue to ground his success in down-to-earth ways.

For more than 4 decades, Randy has been married to his high school sweetheart. He enjoys time with his four kids and their families – especially when it includes watching his grandchildren play hockey or perform in recitals. Traveling abroad or relaxing at his family cabin are equally enjoyed, provided he’s with his family.

Randy’s life experience spans from devastating loss to exhilarating highs, and all the ups and downs in between. Having benefitted from the mentorship of his Dad while working as his employee and later his partner, he intentionally mentors the next generation in his family and businesses. His Dad was one of many strong role models Randy credits for the solid foundation of integrity and service-oriented principles he lives by.

When obstacles arise, and difficult decisions are to be made, Randy’s positive outlook, firm belief in God’s provision and direction, and decades of experience, motivate his creative solutions and give credibility to his coaching.

Ultimately, Randy has a passion for people. His goal is to invest in others in such a way that they become successful and in turn invest in others. Whether it’s business savvy, leadership skills, or family-life balance, Randy is willing to authentically share himself with others for their benefit.

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