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About Us

01. Purpose

I4C is a community of business people of various backgrounds working together to promote, facilitate and help establish or grow genuine businesses that will not only be profitable, but also be intentional about leaving a Social, Economic, Environmental and Spiritual Transformational footprint (SEES) in their communities.

02. Vision

“I think people should know that you derive the greatest satisfaction from serving others rather than serving yourself… I would want more and more Nigerians to define themselves also in this light of service to the nation and service to humanity”. (deceased Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua) We want more and more business people, wherever in the world they are, to define themselves also in this light of serving God, nation and humanity.

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03. Values

I4C enterprises integrate these values into their business:

  • Human dignity
  • Community
  • Work as a creative expression
  • Shared responsibility for ongoing creation
  • Rest and renewal
  • Fairness
  • Peace

04. Transformation

Business can be about more than just business… it can be transformational! Transformation should be seen not as an event or destination, but as a point on a continuum. Just as businesses are intentional about doing business, innovating, getting better at what they do, we believe they can be just as intentional about creating and leaving a transformational footprint in the communities they have access to.



A social transformation focuses on people and society. A transformational business will address the needs of society, enhancing the quality of life.


An economic transformation focuses on sustainability. A transformational business will generate enough profit to enable it to continue to operate in the future, contribute to the local economy and multiply resources.


An environmental transformation focuses on stewarding nature. A transformational business is intentionally responsible for resource management, waste management and renewability.


Transformation must be holistic, recognizing that life is not only material, but also emotional and spiritual. Transformational business strives to be holistic, built on foundations of truth, integrity and human dignity.


A Team Of Professionals

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Maxwell Certified Coach

Randy Wolgemuth is a serial entrepreneur. He has started and run more than 10 companies. Read more…

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