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Leaders of Tomorrow Gold Growth Mastermind Groups

Hosted by Randy Wolgemuth

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Gold Growth Mastermind Leaders of Tomorrow includes 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, the Sunrize 90 Day Plan, DISC Personality, and The Unique Ability, a 12 month online program. This is an intensive program to assist entrepreneurs, new business owners, and young up-and-coming businesspeople to highly effective practices in areas of business and personal success. Each participant has the opportunity to garner wisdom from others within the group, as well as directly from Randy Wolgemuth who is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach.

All groups are confidential, supportive, encouraging, and life-changing.

Who is this for?

Those who would benefit the most from the GGM are those ready for
-Better work-life balance;
-Increased work potential;
-Personal and leadership growth;
-Deeper significance;
-And so much more.

Ideal for anyone who

-Leads people;
-Wants to stop the craziness;
-Desires to control their time and not be controlled by their business;
-Knows a change is necessary but is not quite sure where to start;
-Is a life-long learner!


Leaders of Tomorrow Program

Our Objective: To play an active role in supplying young business leaders with the skills, tools, and faith foundation to help them become the Christian business leaders for this next generation. Our goal is to target high potential leaders under 40 years old.

The Program: Gold Growth Mastermind facilitated by Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Randy Wolgemuth. A combination of proven John Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Invaluable Growth, DISC Personality survey, “90 Day Sunrize Plan”, and The Unique Ability system. All of this included with Christian values needed to lead and live a Christian life. This is a 12 month online program. The first 15 weeks includes a 1 hour weekly Zoom call and then two 1 hour Zoom calls a month for the balance of the year. (every other week)

Potential participants should send an email to: with a resume/bio and vision for their business.


What people are saying about the Leaders of Tomorrow Gold Growth Mastermind Groups

I am a young business owner with a thirst to learn and grow.  I was looking for a personal growth program that was business focused.  A friend of mine recommended I reach out to Randy Wolgemuth of “Leaders of Tomorrow Gold Growth Master Mind”, a faith based personal growth workshop.  After the first meet up, I was immediately drawn towards Randy and the other participants.  I’m currently enrolled in the Leaders of Tomorrow Gold Growth Mastermind, it’s been almost half a year now, and it has brought much wisdom and insight to my faith, personal, and business life. The workshop covers; “John Maxwell’s 15 invaluable laws of growth”, this was a very rich resource for personal growth.  “The Sunrize 90 day plan” has been instrumental in organizing and prioritizing my time.  Leading up to the final parts, where we discuss different topics chosen by us, and different industry leaders are brought in to chat, and present new and insightful ideas.  Being young, this workshop has taught me many valuable lessons in my faith, personal and business life.  I look forward to the future workshops we will be having!

– K.H.

As someone who is only 22 years old and starting a business I feel like I need all the help I can get. Being enrolled in the Leaders of Tomorrow Gold Growth Mastermind is giving me some very valuable insights into what running a business looks like and the skills I will require. I am also learning things that are available to me now as I am starting my business. The book “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John Maxwell has many great ideas and suggestions I can use right now to grow as a person and as a businessman. The “Sunrize 90 Day Plan” is a great resource for managing my projects and my time. Being faith based is also important to me. The fact that we hear what other participants are doing is also great. We are not just reading a book, we are learning and putting into practice what we are learning. Randy also participates and so we get a chance to hear what he has experienced in his personal and business life.

– M.C.

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