Joe Boyd

Way back in 2019, I got to hang out with Oprah.

Technically it was Oprah, me and 10,000 other people listening to her do a keynote at the Qualtrics conference in Salt Lake City.

But I could tell she really would have preferred to be just talking to me.

Anyway…she said that every person she interviews – whether a “regular” person like all of us – or a famous actor, musician or head of state…they all always say the same thing to her after her interviews.

Any guesses?

“How’d I do?”

Then she said what is one of the truest things I’ve ever heard. Something I think about every day and try to remember in every interaction I have with people…

“Everyone just wants to be seen and heard.”

I knew it when she said it:

That’s true. That’s leadership.

So…remember Oprah the next time you interact with a human person. Make sure you see them. And hear them. It’s what we all want and need.

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